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Shinchi Chinatown

Shinchi ChinatownShinchi Chinatown is located about 0.3 km southwest of Dejima.
Along the orthogonal two streets about 150 meters long, there are about 40 Chinese restaurants and shops.
In Japanese, it is called "Shinchi Chukagai".

Under national isolation in Edo Period (1603-1868), trading with China had been allowed in Nagasaki.
About 10 thousand Chinese people lived in Nagasaki at its peak. It was one-seventh of the population of Nagasaki city.

Originally, this area was on the sea.
In 1698, the storehouses for China near Nagasaki Port were destroyed by fire.
So this area was constructed by reclaiming land from the sea. ("Shinchi" means "new land".)

In 1859, Edo government abandoned national isolation, and Nagasaki was opened as an international port.
The habitation area of Chinese people had been set up around the hill to the south of current Chinatown first, but they moved to Shinchi district on the occasion.
Then, the Chinatown has been formed here.

Now, Shinchi is one of the major three Chinatowns in Japan, along with Yokohama, Kobe.

Basically the shops and restaurants are only along two street.
Four entrance gates are at the both ends of the streets.

How to get to here

By streetcar

By street car with route No. 1, 2 or 5, get off at Tsukimachi stop.

An entrance gate A street
A shop A shop
In the evening
Photo by Yokaphoto.net
Lantern Festival in February
Photo by Kogashitsu Kabegami

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