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Mount Inasa

Mount Inasa Mount Inasa (Inasayama in Japanese) is a mountain located to the west of central Nagasaki city.
It is 333 meters high.

There is the observatory on the top of the mountain, and we can see the wonderful view of the Nagasaki city.
The distance between this observatory and the main spots in Nahasaki city is about 2 to 4 km, so we can see them quite clearly.
Especially, it is said that the night view from here is one of three major ones in Japanese, along with Mount Hakodate in Hakodate cityand Mount Rokko in Kobe city.

We can visit here by ropeway.

Nagasaki Ropeway official website : Website in Japanese. Select the upper tags.

How to get to here

By route bus

By route bus with route No. 3 or 4, get off at Ropeway-mae stop. About 7 minutes, from JR Nagasaki station.

Mount Inasa from Glover Garden
Peace Park from Mount Inasa
Night view from Mount Inasa

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