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Mount Rokko

Mount RokkouTransportation map of Mount RokkoMount Rokko ("Rokkousan" in Japanese) is a name of a group of mountains.
It lies just north of central Kobe city.
The west end is around Suma area at the westernmost part of Kobe city, and the east end is around Takarazuka city.
The length from east to west is about 30 km.
There is Arima hot spring resort on the north side of the mountain.

It has many peaks, and the highest peak is 931 meters high.
The name of the peak is "Rokkousan-saikouhou". In English, "The highest peak of Rokkousan".
It is very simple.

The area on the top of the mountain was developed by Westerners as a highland resort from the late 19th to the early 20th centuries.
Kobe Golf Club is the Japan's first golf course built in 1903.

Kobe is one of the major night views in Japan, and the night scenery of Kobe from the top of Mount Rokko is called "ten-million-doller night view".

Some ropeways and cable cars connect between the area on the top and central Kobe, Arima hot spring resort.
And roure bus runs through main spots on the top.

Main spots on Mount Rokko

  • Tenrandai /1/ : One of the best point of the night view. In May 1981, Emperor Showa saw the night view from here.
  • Hall of Halls Rokko /2/ : The musical box museum opened in 1994. It is a formal museum, and various music boxes since the late 19th century are displayed.
  • Rokko Alpine Botanical Garden /3/ : Old alpine botanical garden opened in 1933.
    It is at the level of 865 meters, and about 1,500 kinds of alpine plants are cultivated.
  • Rokko Garden Terrace /4/ : A small town with several shops, cafes and restaurants. One of the best point of the night view.
  • Rokkosan Pasture /5/ : The municipal pasture modeled on dairy farm in Switzerland. We can meet many sheep, cows, ponies and some other animals.
  • Kikuseidai /6/ : One of the best point of the night view. It is near Mayasan peak (700 meters high).
Scenic or Nature / Park or Garden / Resort / City, Town or Village / Quarter or Street /
Temple or Shrine / Museum or Laboratory / Market or Commercial facility / Factory /
Other Building or Construction / Historic place / Remains / World Heritage Site

How to get to here

By Rokko Cable Line (Cable car)

  1. To Rokko-cable-shita, by route bus, about 12 minutes from Hankyu Rokko station, about 17 minutes from JR Rokkomichi station, about 26 minutes from Hanshin Mikage station.
  2. By Rokko Cable, about 10 minutes, from Rokko-cable-shita to Rokkosanjo. San'nomiya station on JR, Hankyu and Hanshin Lines.

Route bus on the top of the mountain

Rokkosanjo Stn.-(6 min)- Kinenhidai -(2 min)- Music Box Museum -(1 min)- Botanical Garden -(3 min)- Ropeway-sanjo Stn.-(2 min)- Garden Terrace -(2 min)- Botanical Garden -(6 min)- Rokkosanjo Stn.

By Maya Cablecar

  1. To Maya-cable-shita, by route bus (Route No.18), about 25 minutes from San'nomiya station, about 20 minutes from Shin-Kobe station, about 20 minutes from JR Rokkomichi station.
  2. By Maya Cablecar, about 5 minutes, from Maya-cable-shita to Niji-no-eki.
  3. By Maya Ropeway, about 5 minutes, from Niji-ni-eki to Hoshi-no-eki.

Route bus from Maya Ropeway

Hoshi-no-eki-(9 min)- Rokkosan Pasture -(11 min)- Kinenhidai -(25 min)- Hankyu Rokko Stn.

By Rokko Arima Ropeway

  • To Ropeway-sanjo Station, by the ropeway, about 12 minutes from Arima-onsen.

Mount Rokko from central Kobe
Rokko Cable
Hall of Halls Rokko
Old automatic playing organ in Hall of Halls Rokko
Rokko Alpine Botanical Garden
Edelweiss in the botanical garden
Some buildings of Rokko Garden Terrace
Observatory of Rokko Garden Terrace
Night view at Rokko Garden Terrace
Maya Cablecar
Maya Ropeway
Entrance of Rokkosan Pasture Cheese factory and sheep in the pasture
Night view at Kikuseidai

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