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Engyoji temple

Engyoji templeEngyoji is a Buddist temple of Tendai Zen school, and is located about 10 km north of cantral Himeji city.
It is on the top of Mount Shosha (371 meters high).

This temple was founded in 966 by high priest Shoukuu.
Since the foundation, many emperors had visit here from faraway Kyoto, so this has been the prestigious temple.

We can climb Mount Shosha by ropeway from the southeast foot.
And we reach the temple after we walk about 900 meters along an approach.
There is a Niomon gate, and a few temples are around the gate.
And there is Maniden temple rebuilt in 1933 at the end of the area. It looks like Kiyomizudera in Kyoto and houses some important Buddha statues.

After about 300 meters walk, we reach the most remote area of Engyoji.
There are many important temples such as Daikoudo, Jogyodo, Jikido, Kaizando, Bell tower.
Most of them were rebuilt in the 15-17th centuries, and are designated as important cultural properties.

How to get to here

By route bus

By route bus with route No.8, from Himeji station, about 25 minutes to Shisha-eki terminal.
From there, get on the ropeway.
(We can buy the discount tickets with round-trip bus and ropeway. It is 1,300 yen.)

Shoshazan Ropeway
Approach to the temple
Niomon gate
Worshippers in Maniden
Amida Buddha in Jogyodo
Bell tower
Jizou guardian deities

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