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HarborlandHarborland is a town created by waterfront redevelopment of Kobe.
It is just west of Meriken Park, and is located to the east of JR Kobe station.
The formal name is "Kobe Harborland", and this was opened in 1992.

In this area, there are several commercial facilities, and there are some unique spots.

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Main buildings in Harborland

  • umie MOSAIC /1/ : A commercial complex facing Kobe Port. The nice view spot of Meriken Park.
  • Brick Warehouses /2/ : Three brick warehouses built in 1898. In them, there are some popular restaurants.
  • Old Kobe Harbor signal tower /3/ : Signal tower standing ona jetty near Kobe MOSAIC. The height is 46.3 meters, and was used from 1921 to 1990.
  • Harbor Walk /4/ : A wooden walkway between Signal tower and Brick Warehouses along the seaside.
  • Humorus display /5/ : We can see some working men on the opposite shore of Harbor Walk.
    They are working hard...? All of them are mannequins !
  • Hanekko /6/ : A pedestrian bridge at the entrance of a dock near Brick Warehouses.

How to get to here

By railroad

Get off at Kobe station on JR, or Harborland station on subway.

umie MOSAIC in Harborland
MOSAIC in the evening
Brick Warehouses Brick Warehouses
Signal tower and Harbor Walk
Unmoving workers
Hanekko Illuminated Hanekko
Harborland and Meriken Park

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