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Kinosaki hot spring resort

Kinosaki hot spring resortMap of Kinosaki hot spring resortKinosaki is a popular hot spring resort at the north part of Hyogo Prefecture.
It is on the west side of Maruyama River flowing into the Sea of Japan, and the town is along Ootani River, a small tributary of Maruyama River.

It is said that a wounded stork was found first and it healed the wound here in the 7th century.

In 717, high preist Douchi visited here.
To help people with bad disease, he performed ascetic training here for a thousand days.
Then new hot spring gushed in 720. It is current "Mandara-yu" hot spring, and Kinosaki hot spring resort was opened at that time.

In the popular hot spring ranking list made in the 19th century, Kinosaki hot spring was ranked the second of western Japan, after Arima hot spring resort.

Many hotels and ryokans are on the both side along Ootani River.
And many willow trees are by the river, and the scenery is the symbol of Kinosaki.

Of course, all hotels and ryokans have some bathrooms with the hot spring.
But even if you stay in such accommodations, you should tour around "Seven public bathes" in Kinosaki. Most of the visitors enjoy the tour of bathing.
In the resort town, there are seven puclic bathhouses.
Each bathhouse has a hisitory or a legend.

Each entrance fee is 600 or 800 yen.
But the hotel guests in Kinosaki are free of charge.
However, you must visit there with wearing your hotel's "Yukata" (light cotton kimono). It is a sort of like a passport in Kinosaki.
And when you enter a bathhouse, you have only to hand over a bathing ticket. Each hotel and ryokan has the tickets in large numbers for the tour of bathing.

Therefore, we can find many visitors with Yukata walking.
Naturally, they wear "Geta" (wooden clog).
When you wear Yukata, it is unmatched to wear shoes. Please wear Geta prepared in your hotel.

Kinosaki Hot Spring Official site

Seven Public Bathes

  • Kou-no-yu /1/ : The oldest bath. A stork found here.
  • Mandara-yu /2/ : The bath by high priest Douchi.
  • Gosho-no-yu /3/ : In 1267, the sister of Emperor Go-Horikawa bathed.
  • Ichi-no-yu /4/ : The bath in the center of resort town. A medical doctor in the 18th century said that this water was good for sick person.
  • Yanagi-yu /5/ : Yanagi means "willow". It is said that the spring gushed under a willow tree transplanted from China
  • Jizou-yu /6/ : The traditional bath for the people in Kinosaki.
  • Sato-no-yu /7/ : The new bathhouse opened in 2000.

Other sightseeing spots around Kinosaki

  • Shisho Shrine /11/ : A Shinto shrine founded in 708.
    When high priest Douchi visited here in 717, the god gave him an oracle to find Mandara-yu.
  • Onsenji temple /12/ : A Buddhist temple founded in 738 by priest Douchi.
    The main temple was rebuilt in 1387, and some other buildings were rebuilt in the 18-19th centuries.
  • Genbudou /13/ : Some caves and cliffs formed with the rocks of columnar jointing.
    It was formed about 1.6 million years ago.
    It is located about 5 km south of the resort town, and is on the east side of Maruyama River.
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How to get to here

By railroad

  • From Kyoto, about 2 hours and 30 minutes by JR limited express "Kinosaki".
  • From Osaka, about 2 hours and 50 minutes by JR limited express "Kita-Kinki".

By route bus

  • From Tajima Airport, about 39 minutes by route bus.

To Genbudou

  • By route bus, about 19 minutes from JR Kinosaki-onsen station.

Willow trees along Ootani River in Kinosaki
A street in Kinsaki
Kinosaki in spring
Ladies wearing Yukata
Photo by Free Photographs of Kinosaki
Photo by Free Photographs of Kinosaki
Photo by Free Photographs of Kinosaki
Bathroom in Gosho-no-yu
Photo by Free Photographs of Kinosaki
Photo by Free Photographs of Kinosaki
Photo by Free Photographs of Kinosaki
Photo by Free Photographs of Kinosaki
Photo by Free Photographs of Kinosaki
Shisho Shrine
Niomon gate of Onsenji Yakushido in Onsenji
A cliff in Genbudou A cave in Genbudou

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