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Sorakuen garden

Sorakuen gardenSorakuen is a beautiful Japanese garden located about 0.6 km northwest of JR Motomachi station.
In Japanese, it is pronounced long as "Soorauen".

This was constructed as the garden in the residence of Taijiro Kodera (1836-1904), a successful businessman.
The construction started around 1885, but the completion was in 1911.

The residence is about 150 meters square, and the garden has an area of 20,000 square meters.
It is a traditional Japanese garden, but it has a space with lawn influenced by Western garden.
It was transferred to Kobe city in 1941, then it was opened to the public.

In the site, there are some buildings of designated as national important cultural properties.

"Funayakata" is a cabin of the pleasure boat for the lord of Himeji Castle, and was created in the late 17th century.
"Former Kodera Stable" was built in 1908.
"Former Hassam House" was the house built in 1902 in Kitano area. It was moved to here in 1963. Mr.Hassam was a Indo-Brirish trading merchant.

How to get to here

By railroad

Get off at Motomachi station on JR and Hanshin Lines.
About 10 minutes from there.

Sorakuen garden
Main gate of Sorakuen
Former Kodera Stable
Former Hassam House

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