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Hypocenter Park

Hypocenter Park At 11:02 a.m., on August 9th, 1945, the U.S. B-29 Superfortress Bockscar dropped the second atomic bomb in human history.
And the bomb exploded at a height of roughly 500 meters in the sky just over this park.
The A-bomb killed about 74 thousand people and injured about 75 thousand people in a moment.

Three days ago, Hiroshima was destroyed by the first A-Bomb.
Soon after the operation, the US forces started the next attack. The next target was Kitakyushu city in Fukuoka Prefecture.
But the weather in Kiyakyushu was bad on the day, so they changed the target to Nagasaki on very short notice.

Just before the operation, the pilots caused operational trouble.
So they had to do the dropping of the bomb manually.
It is said that they missed the target by about 3 km north. (That means the original target was in the heart of the city!)

Now here is the park to pray.
There are many monuments for the repose of dead souls by A-bomb.

The great Urakami Cathedral were also destroyed in a moment.
The remaining part of the cathedral has been moved here.

And we can see the destroyed bricks, melted bottles, burned soils and so on by the A-bomb in the ground.

Peace Park is just to the north of this park, and there is Atomic Bomb Museum just to the east.
And Urakami Cathedral is about 0.6 km northeast, and San'no Shrine is about 0.8 km southeast.

How to get to here

By streetcar

By street car with route No. 1 or 3, get off at Matsuyama-machi stop.

Hypocenter Cenotaph
Photo by artworks
Urakami Cathedral Wall
Memorial of the 50th anniversary of A-bomb
A momument for dead workers
Mother-chile monument for peace Bombed objects under the ground

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