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Sofukuji temple

SofukujiSofukuji is a Buddhist temple of Obaku Zen sect, and is about 0.7 km southeast of Megane Bridge.

Thousands of Chinese people had lived in Nagasaki around the 17th century.
Many of them came from Fujian Province, and they had created a community.
In 1629, the Chinese monk Chaonian was invited, and he founded this temple as the family temple of the Chinese from Fujian Province.

So the the buildings are in Chinese style.
The entrance gate "Sanmon" built in 1849 is just a Chinese construction.

In the temple grounds, there are some buildings.
Two buildings of them are designated as national treasures.

Daiippoumon gate was built in 1644, and was rebuilt in 1696 using the woods from China.
On the red door, blue bats and peony are painted. Bat is the lucky animal in China.
Under the roof, elaborate decoration arts are set up.
This gate had been the main gate of this temple, originally.

Daiyuuhouden is the main hall of this temple.
It was built in 1646 using the woods from China.
This temple has a sitting principal Buddha image.
When the statue was repaired in 1935, the replicas of internal organs made of silver were found in the body.
It presents "live Buddha", but it is a very rare statue in Japan.

How to get to here

By streetcar

By street car with route No. 1, get off at Shogakuji-shita terminal stop.

Sanmon gate Daiippoumon gate
Daiyuuhouden Gohoudou
All photos by Rettou-houmotsukan

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