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Oranda-zaka sloping road

Oranda-zakaOranda-zaka is a sloping road from near the seaside street to the hills.
It is located about 0.5 km southwest of Shinchi Chinatown, and the road is about 300 meters long.

On the hill, there were the residences of foreigners in the late 19th century.
So the foreiners passed through this sloping road between the residences and the port.

Since the 17th century, Dutch merchants had been in Nagasaki for a long time.
And after the national isolation in 1859, many Western foreigners came to Nagasaki from Britain, France, America, Russia, and so on.
But Nagasaki citizens were unable to recognized their countries.
The Netherlands is called "Oranda" in Japanese. (It came from "Holland".)
So they called all Western people "Oranda-jin" (Dutchman) with no distinction.
And they called this slope "Oranda-zaka" (Dutch slope).

Around the end of Oranda-zaka, several Western-style residences built in the 1890s remain.
We can feel the atmosphare of former foreign settlement.

How to get to here

By streetcar

By street car with route No 5, get off at Shimin-byoin-mae stop.

Oranda-zaka Oranda-zaka
Former Russian consulate
Photo by Railstation.net
Old Western houses

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