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Nagashima Spa Land [ナガシマスパーランド]

Nagashima Spaland
Nagashima Spaland, Nagoya, Japan
Photo by holidaypointau

Nagashima Spaland
Nagashima Spaland
Photo by Roller Coaster Philosophy

Nagashima Spa Land is an amusement park located in Nagashima district in Kuwana City.

Nagashima district is a narrow area sandwiched between Kiso River and Nagara River.
Nagashima Spa Land is at the southern tip of the district and faces Ise Bay. And, it is located about 20 km southwest of Nagoya city.

There is Nabana no Sato about 6 km north of the park.

This park is popular for the newest thrill rides.
There are a dozen of thrill rides in this park.

Of course, there are some moderate rides for little children.

And there is "Jumbo Seawater Pool" in the site.
It is one of the largest outdoor swimming pools in the world and is opened in only summer.

This park is managed by Nagashima Resort Co.Ltd.

Fireworks at Nagashima Spaland
Fireworks at Nagashima Spaland
Photo by emrank

The Fountain at Jazz Dream Nagashima
The Fountain at Jazz Dream Nagashima
Photo by emrank

There are a few hotels managed by Nagashima Resort next to the park.
There are hot springs welling up since 1963 in this area, so the name is "Spa Land".

In addition, there is a big outlet mall Jazz Dream Nagashima.

Jazz Dream Nagashima

How to get here

By express bus for Nagashima-Onsen, about 55 minutes from Meitetsu Bus center near Nagoya station.

Or, by route bus, about 30 minutes from Kintetsu Kuwana station.

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