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Kamigamo Shrine

Kamigamo ShrineKamigamo Shrine is a Shinto shrine located about 4 km northwest of Shimogamo Shrine along Kamo River.

In Japanese, this shrine is called "Kamigamo Jinja" and the formal name is "Kamo-wakeikazuchi Jinja".

Accordind to Japanese myth, a god appeared on a mountain near current shrine.
Then it is said that this shrine was founded in 678.
It is sure that this shrine had been important with Shimogamo shrine since that time.

After going though the first Torii gate, there is the approach about 200 meters long.
Then after passing though the second Torii gate, there is Saiden shrine.
In front of Saiden, we find a pair of conical sand monuments called "Tatezuna". Each monument means the mountain where a god appered, and it is believed that the god comes down at these monuments when the festival is held.

After crossing a bridge, we pass through "Roumon gate".
Then we reach the front shrine to worship. Honden (Main shrine) and Gonden Shrine are behind this shrine. But we cannot take photos from here on.

Most of the buildings in this shrine were rebuilt in 1628, and they are designated as important cultural properties.
Only Honden and Gonden Shrine are rebuilt in 1863, but they are designated as national treasures.

This shrine is one of 17 constructions of "Historic Monuments of Ancient Kyoto" designated as a World Heritage Site.

Aoi Festival held with Shimogamo Shrine in May 15th is one of the major festivals in Kyoto.

Kamigamo Shrine official website

How to get to here

By subway and route bus

  1. Get off at Kita-oji station on Karasuma Line of subway.
  2. Get on a route bus with route No. 37 from there.
  3. Get off the bus at Kamigamo-Misonobashi stop. About 10 minutes from Kita-oji

Ichi-no-Torii (first Torii gate)
Ni-no-Torii (Second Torii gate)
A pair of Tatezuna in front of Saiden
Takakuraden Roumon gate
Roumon gate and Tamahashi bridge Front shrine

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