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Kifune Shrine

Kifune ShrineMap around KuramaKifune Shrine is a Shinto shrine located about 15 km north of central Kyoto.
It is located about 1 km northwest of Kurama Temple, and is in the valley on the west side of the mountain.
In Japanese, it is called "Kifune Jinja".
Recently many people pronounce "Kibune" for "Kifune".

It's not known exactly when this shrine was founded.
Shrine's history says that it was founded during the period of the 18th Emperor Hanzei (336-410).
And it says that the buildings were rebuilt around 666 first.

This shrine has been worshipped as the god of water, so rituals for rain had been sometimes done in ancient times. And this shrine is said to bring romance.

This shrine has separately-placed three pavillions. They are dotted along Kibune River.

The main shrine is "Honguu" and is the central shrine rebuilt in 2007.

About 0.6 km north of Honguu, there is "Yui-no-yashiro" (or "Nakamiya"). It is the god of marriage.
If you write your wish on a strip and tie it to a pole, it is said that your wish will come true.

About 0.4 km north of Yui-no-yashiro, there is "Okumiya".
It was the original shrine.

On the mountainside to the east of main shrine, there is Maouden of Kurama Temple.
A mountain trail is set up from main shrine through Maouden to the Kurama Temple.

How to get to here

By railroad and route bus

  1. By Eizan Electric Railway, from Demachiyanagi to Kibune-guchi (next to Kurama terminal station) , about 27 minutes.
    To Demachiyanagi station, about 23 minutes from Kyoto station by route bus with route No. 17.
    Or, Demachiyanagi is also the terminal station of Keihan Line, so it is convienient to come from the area around the east side of Kamo River such as Sanjo, Gion or Kiyomizudera.
  2. By route bus to Kibune (route No.33, Kyoto Bus), about 5 minutes from there.

Approach to Honguu Honguu (Main shrine) Photo by Railstation.net
Statues of horses enshrined for rain Yui-no-yashiro
Ame-no-iwafune (natural stones like a ship for gods) Okumiya

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