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Koryuji temple

Koryuji templeKoryuji is the temple of a sect of Shingon Buddhism, one of major Japanese Buddhism schools.
It is located about 1.8 km southwest of Myoshinji temple.
There is Toei Kyoto Studio Park just west of this temple.

Koryuji is the oldest temple in Kyoto.
It is said that this temple was founded in 603, but some say it was founded in 622.
And the original temple was built by Hata Clan, a naturalized Japanese clan from Silla (current Korea).
Prince Shotoku (573-621), who founded Japan's first constitutional form of government, gave sacred Buddha statues to the leader of Hata Clan, then it is said that he built this temple to enshrine them.

In Koryuji, there are several Buddha statues, and all of them are designated as national treasures.
And two wooden Miroku-Bosatsu statues of them were probably given from Prince Shotoku.
Especially the statue named "Hokan-Miroku" is very famous.

It is about 123 centimeters high, and it holds a thinking pose.
Its peaceful expression on its face sanctifies everyone's heart. It is well-known that Karl Jaspers (1883-1969), a noted German philosopher, praised it highly.

Koryuji was destroyed by fire in 818 and 1150.
But it is miraculous that these statues and the other old articles remain now despite some accidents.

Many of the statues including Hokan-Miroku are displayed in the museum, Reihouden.
The admission fee to Reihouden is 700 yen.

How to get to here

By railroad

By Randen (Main Line of Keifuku Electric Railroad), about 12 minutes from Shijo-Omiya to Uzumasa-Koryuji. Then about 5 minutes walk from there.

Main gate of Koryuji Main temple (Jouguu-ouin)
Koudou Hokan-Miroku Hokan-Miroku

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