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Chiran town

Chiran Chiran is a small town located about 30 km south-southeast of Kagoshima city.

In the 18th century, Satasuma Domain set one of sub-domains here to govern the local areas.
(The government of Satsuma Domain was at current Kagoshima city.)
So, although here was a rural area, several samurai residences were built.

Seven samarai residences has been preserved, and they are dotted along the main street within a 700-meter area.
Each residence is surrounded by stone walls with tidy hedges.
And each residence has a beautiful Japanese garden.

By the tidy Japanese scenery, Chiran is sometimes called "Little Kyoto in Satsuma".

Chiran Peace Museum for Kamikaze Pilots

Chiran Peace Museum for Kamikaze PilotsIt is located about 2 km southwest of the central Chiran town.

In 1945, the last year of the World War II, Japan had been going to lose the war against the United States. And US Forces had been closing on Okinawa Islands.
The Japanese army conducted a crazy military operation that the manned planes attack enemy ships directly.
The special attack corps was called "Tokko-tai" or "Tokko" in Japanese, and another name "Kamikaze" (God's wind) was given to hope to work miracles.

In Chiran, one of the air bases was set up. And over a thousand young pilots had gone on the suicide mission.

Now there is this museum on the former air base.
In the museum, the portraits of the brave pilots, their belongings and letters are displayed.
Also some fighters of the day are displayed.
And a barrack for the pilots has been preserved.

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How to get to here

By route bus

From Kagoshima-Chuo station, about 1 hour and 15 minutes to Chiran, 1 hour and 19 minutes to Chiran-kannon-iriguchi (Chiran Peace Museum for Kamikaze Pilots)

The street of samurai residences An entrance of a samurai residence
A Japanese garden
Photo by Railstation.net
A Japanese garden
Photo by Railstation.net
Old Taki residence
Photo by Railstation.net
Inside of old Taki residence
Photo by Railstation.net
Chiran Peace Museum for Kamikaze Pilots Old fighter
Barrack for pilots
Photo by Railstation.net
Inside og the barrack
Photo by Railstation.net

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