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Mount Kirishima

Mount KirishimaMap od Mount Kirishima Mount Kirishima is a group of active volcanos located at the northeast part of Kagoshima Prefecture.
It is just on the border between Kagoshima and Miyazaki Prefectures.

There are over a dozen peaks of volcano within a range of about 15 km.
The highest peak is Karakunidake (1,700 metaers high), and is positioned roughly in the center of Mount Kirishima.
And the second higheast peak is Takachiho-no-mine (1,574 meters high), and is the sacred mountain which had been worshiped since ancient times. It is positioned at the southeastern edge of Mount Kirishima.

This area have much rain throughout the year. So often, the peaks have fog. The peaks look like islands on the sea of fog.
The name "Kirishima" has come from the scenery. ("Kiri" means "fog", and "shima" means "island".)

There are many hot springs on the southwestern slope (Kagoshima Prefecture side), and Ebino plateau spreads to the north (Miyazaki Prefecture side).

Kirishima Shrine /1/

Kirishima ShrineIt is a Shinto shrine and is at the southwestern foot of Takachiho-no-mine peak.
It is located about 7 km northeast of Kirishima-Jingu station on JR Nippo Line.

It is said that the shrine was founded in the 6th century.
But the shrine had often been destroyed by the eruption of Mount Kirishima, and the current shrine was constructed in 1484.
The buildings were rebuilt in 1715.
There is a sacred Japanese cedar tree about 800 years old in the precincts.

Kirishima hot spring resort /2/

Kirishima hot spring resortIt is the hot spring resort on the soutwestern mountainside of Mount Kirishima.
Over 20 hot springs are dotted. Many of them are grouped in a valley and it is the central area of this resort.
There are many hotels and ryokans in this area.

Lake Oonami-ike /3/

Oonami-ike It is the largest crater lake in Kirishima It is located about 3 km northeast of Kirishima hot spring resort and about 2.5 km southwest of Karakunidake peak.
It is a nearly circular lake, and the diameter is 630 meters.
The altitude of the crater is 1,412 meters, and the surface of the lake is at the level of 1,241 meters.
The water is acidic, but crucian carp inhabit the lake.

Ebino Plateau /4/

It is the plateau at the northwest part of Mount Kirishima.
See the page of Ebino Plateau in Miyazaki Prefecture.

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How to get to here

By railroad and route bus

  1. By JR limited express "Kirishima", to Kirishima-Jingu, about 50 minutes from Kagoshima-Chuo, about 1 hour and 20 minutes from Miyazaki.
  2. By route bus, from Kirishima-Jingu station, about 13 minutes to Kirishima Shrine, about 28-36 minutes to Kirishima hot spring resort.
    To Oonami-ike, use a taxi from Kirishima hot spring resort to the entrance of the climbing trail. Then walk for 40 minutes.

Mount Kirishima
©Kagoshima Prefectural Tourist Federation / ©JNTO
Kirishima Shrine Facade of main shrine
One of Kirishima hot springs A bathroom in a hotel
Oonami-ike and Karakunidake peak
©Kagoshima Prefectural Tourist Federation/©JNTO
Photo by Yokaphoto.net

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