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Yame-FukushimaMap of Yame-Fukushima Yame is a small city located about 50 km south-southeast of Fukuoka city, and Yanagawa city is located about 20 km west-southwest of this city.
And the central area of Yame city has been called Fukushima district.

In 1587, Fukushima Castle was built, then the castle town was formed around.
But the control of this city were superseded by Kurume Domain located about 15 km north of this city in 1620, and Fukushima Castle was demolished.
On the other hand, the castle town continued to develope as an economic center of this region.

In this city, various specialty goods were produced.
They are paper, Japan wax, paper lantern, Buddhist altar.
Additionally, Yame tea is a popular specialty.

Many of the houses in this city were built in the style of "Machiya".
An earthen floor runs straight like a corridor from the entrance, and some rooms are set up along the earthen floor.
And the houses were consturucted under fire-resistance design. So they have white clay walls.

These houses were built around the 19th century. And about 130 houses line along the old streets.
But most of them are still used as workshop or store. Only a few house had been changed to cafe.

Main popular spots in Yame-Fukushima

  • Yame Dentou-kougei-kan /1/ : The museum introducing the traditional craftworks in Yame city.
    The productions of them are displayed, and we can see the demonstration of making traditional paper.
  • Sakaiya /2/ : The former residence of Kinoshita family.
    "Sakaiya" is its shop name. The residence was built in 1908, and it was a Sake brewery.
    We can see the inside.
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How to get to here

By railroad (JR) and route bus

  1. From Hakata to Kurume, about 27 minutes by limited express, about 40-45 minutes by rapid train on JR Kagoshima Line.
  2. By route bus to Yame-eigyousho, about 54 minutes to Fukushima stop.

By railroad (Nishitetsu) and route bus

  1. From Nishitetsu-Fukuoka (Tenjin) to Nishitetsu-Kurume, about 30-40 minutes by express or limited express.
  2. By route bus to Yame-eigyousho, about 40 minutes to Fukushima stop.

Old houses along a street
An old house
Yame dentou-kougei-kan and a huge stone lantern
Displaying a large Buddhist altar
Field of Yame tea around the city

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