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Mojiko Retro Town

Mojiko Retro TownMap around Mojiko "Mojiko" in Japanese means "Moji Port".
Moji district is the northernmost of Kitakyushu city, and it faces the central area of Shimonoseki city in Yamaguchi Prefecture across narrow Kanmon Straits.

Since the end of the 19th century, Moji was the terminal station of the railroads in Kyushu Island.
In 1901, the railroad ferry between Moji and Shimonoseki started operating.
So this station became the important junction connecting Honshu Island and Kyushu Island.

But Kanmon Tunnel running under Kanmon Straits was open in 1941.
The route was about 5 km south of the station, then the main junction was moved to the south.
The new junction was called "Moji", and the name of original terminal was changed to "Mojiko".

The main flow of the trains from Honshu Island had not come.
But the area around Mojiko is the center of Moji district, so the buildings which were built at the best period has been kept.
Since 1988, this area was re-created as a town of the early 20th century for visitors.

The main area of Mojiko Retro Town is about 1 km along Moji Port, and there is Mojiko terminal station in the center of the area.
About a dozen of old buildings are in the area, and some new buildings such as hotel and commercial complex has been built since the 1990s.
And from Kyushu Railway History Museum near Mojiko station, small sightseeing train starts. It runs on a former freight line for about 2 km.

The local food in this area is "Yaki-curry" (Baked curry).
It is made by putting curry sauce on rice, topping it with cheese and egg and baking it in an oven like gratin.
It is said that the dish was invented first by a cafe in Mijiko area around the 1960s.

Main popular spots in Mojiko Retro Town

  • JR Mojiko station /1/ : The terminal station of JR Kagoshima Line.
    It was built in 1914, and is designated as a national important cultural property.
    Of course, it is used as the main station of Moji district.
  • Kyushu Railway History Museum /2/ : A museum about the railroad in Kyushu Island.
    The building built in 1891 was the headquarters building of former Kyushu Railway Company.
    Several rail vehicles used in Kyushu are displayed, and there is a small-scale railroad park where we can get on the mini-trains and drive the train.
  • Old O.S.K. Lines Ltd. Buildings /3/ : A building built in 1917.
    It was the office of O.S.K. Lines (a maritime company), and had been used until 1991.
    In the building, there are halls and galleries.
  • Old Moji Mitsui Club /4/ : A building built in 1921.
    It was built as a social hall for Mitsui Bussan company (a general trading company).
    It has a museum and a restaurant, and there is the room where Albert Einstein (a worldwide physicist, 1879-1955) stayed in 1922 on the second story.
  • Kaikyo Plaza /5/ : A commercial complex for visitors opened in 1999.
    It has souvenir shops and restaurans.
  • Old Moji Customs Building /6/ : A building built in 1912.
    It was built for the custom office, and had used until 1927.
    It was destroyed partly by air raids in 1945, and was restored in 1995.
    In the building, there are a few museum, gallery, and cafe.
  • Blue Wing Moji /7/ : A large drawbridge by the sea completed in 1993.
    It is for pedestrians, and we can get a nice view of Kanmon Straits and Kanmon Bridge.
    It is raised six times a day, and it is said that the first couple who cross the bridge soon after return will get together.
  • Minato House /8/ : A market for visitors opened in 1998.
    It has the shops of fresh sea food of Kitakyushu and Shimonoseki.
    And there are the other souvenir shops and a large restaurant.
  • Mojiko Retro Highmart /9/ : A high-rise condominium 127 meters high completed in 1999.
    The highest floor is the observatory for visitors, and we can enjoy the nice view from there.
  • The Strait Dramaship /10/ : A museum on the subject of Kanmon Straits opened in 2003.
    It introduces the history, nature, and life of the people as the dramas of the straits.
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How to get to here

By railroad

From Kokura (the station of Shinkansen) to Mojiko, about 13 minutes by local train on JR Kagoshima Line.
From Hakata, about 1 hour and 30 minutes by rapid train on JR Kagoshima Line.

By airplane

From Kitakyushu Airport, by route bus to Shimonoseki, about 40 minutes.

Mojiko station
Photo by Railstation.net
Kyushu Railway History Museum
Old O.S.K. Lines Ltd. Buildings
Photo by Railstation.net
Old Moji Mitsui Club
Photo by Railstation.net
Kaikyo Plaza
Old Moji Customs Building
Photo by Railstation.net
Blue Wing Moji
Minato House
Mojiko Retro Highmart
The Strait Dramaship
Night view from the observatory
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Rickshaw for sightseeing Yaki-curry

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