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Atami hot spring resort

AtamiAtami is a hot spring resort city, and is located at the eastern end of Shizuoka Prefecture.

Atami has been a known hot spring area since old times.
It is located about 90 km southwest of Tokyo. So after the through railroad from Tokyo was completed in 1925, many tourists from Tokyo area came to visit here.
Also many key government and business leaders has often visited.
(In September 2000, a summit meeting with Prime Minister Yoshiro Mori and South Korean President Kim Dae Jung was held here.)

Atami is in Shizuoka Prefecture, but it has still a stronger tie to Tokyo area rather than the other areas in Shizuoka Prefecture.

Until the burst of the economic bubble in the 1990s, there had been a lot of large-scale hotela and ryokans in the city.
Since that, the hotels and ryokans has been selected. Instead, resort condominiums are increasing.
The conventional hot spring resort city is changing now.

Atami is at the northeastern end of mountainous Izu Peninsula, and the city is on the steep slope.
Atami station of Tokaido Shinkansen is on the mountainside, and the city extends to the coast.

Here is the entrance to tour the east coast of Izu Peninsula.
And the route bus to Lake Ashi in Hakone starts from here.

Pine tree of Omiya

Pine tree of Omiya It is a pine tree near the beach, and is located about 0.5 km south of Atami station.
Originally this tree was in the grove of pine trees. The tree was beautiful.
In the end of the 19th century, a popular serial novel "Kojikiyasha" in a newspaper set in Atami, and the climax was in front of this tree.
The scene was that Kan'ichi (young man) broke up with Omiya (his lover) who had been forced to marry another man. So this pine has been given the name of "Omiya".
It is the symbol of Atami.

Kiunkaku villa

Kiunkaku It is a former villa located about 1.2 km southwest of Atami station.
It was built as a villa of a rich businessman in 1919, and was used as a ryokan from 1947 to 2000.
Now it is opened to the public as a Atami cultural asset.
In the site, there are a Japanese building with Western style and a beautiful Japanese garden.

Atami Ume Tree Garden

Atami Baien (Ume tree Garden) It is the Ume tree garden located about 1.6 km southwest of Atami station and near Kinomiya station on JR Ito Line.
It was built in 1886, and more than 450 ume trees are in the garden.
From late December to March, many ume blossoms open up.
In the site, there are the Korean garden built in 2001 in commemoration of Japan-South Korea summit meeting.

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How to get to here

By railroad

  • By Tokaido Shinkansen, about 40-50 minutes from Tokyo.
  • On JR Tokaido Line, from Tokyo, about 1 hour and 20 minutes by limited express "Odoriko", about 1 hour and 50 minutes by local train.

Atami city
Souvenir shop street near Atami station
Hotels along the beach
Photo by Nihon-rettou okinijiman
Fireworks festival in summer
Pine tree of Omiya
Photo by Nihon-rettou okinijiman
Atami Ume Tree Garden
Kiunkaku villa A room in Kiunkaku

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