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Western Izu

Western IzuMap of western Izu The west coast of Izu Peninsula faces Suruga Bay.
The area is mountainous and there are only a little flatlands. Main towns are on the open lands at the mouths of rivers.
There are some sightseeing spots on the coast. They face west, so obviously, we can enjoy the beautiful view of sunset.

Only main road is Route 136, and runs along the coastline. This area has no railroad.
To visit this area, you must use route bus or rental car.
Main point of departure is Shuzenji.

Toi Gold Mine /1/

Toi Golg Mine It is the ruin of gold mine, and has been reconstructed as the tourist facilities since 1972.
It is near central Toi district located about 15 km southwest of Shuzenji.

This mine was started to develop in 1577, and much gold was produced in the early 17th century. But it was closed in 1625.
In 1906, a businesman invited foreign engineers, then this mine was restarted.
And this mine became the second largest in Japan in the first half of the 20th century.
But by depletion of the ore, it was closed in 1965. After that, it was reconstructed as current facilities.

We can visit the ruin of the mine.
And we can see the many articles about this mine in the museum. We can try to lift a real 200-kilogram gold ingot.

Cape Koibito /2/

Cape Koibito It is a cape located about 6 km southwest of Toi district.
"Koibito" means "lover", so literally, this is the popular spot for couples. (Of course, even if you have no lover, please visit here.)

On the observatory, two monuments with a bell are set up.
One is "Love Call Bell", and if you ring it three times, it is said that you will success your love.
Another one is "Golden Bell". If you ring this, it is said that you will success your love or be happy.

The cape "Two Lovers' Point" in Guam Island in Pacific Ocean is one of the popular sightseeing spots, and many couples visit there.
Both capes in Guam and here has joined hands, so Cape Koibito presented "Silver Bell" to Two Lovers' Point.
If you can ring both bells in Guam and here, it is said that you will get heavenly bliss.

Koganezaki coast /3/

Koganezaki It is a rocky coast located about 3 km south of Cape Koibito.
"Kogane" means "gold". The color of the rocks around this coast is yellowish.
When the rocks catch the light of sunset, they appear in golden color.
A walking trail is set up along the coast.

Dougashima coast /4/

Dougashima It is the coast with some small rocky islands, and is located about 7 km south of Koganezaki coast.
The coast and the islands has been eroded by wild waves of the sea for a long time.

The popular spot is Tensoudou Cave on the coast. It is a sea cave with three entrances and the the ceiling with a big hole is very unique. "Tensou" means "skylight".
We can visit by pleasure boat. And the hole is near a walking trail, and we can peek through the hole.

There are Sanshiro Islands about 200 meters off the coast.
When th a narrow land like a road appears between the mainland and the islands. It is few geological formations in Japan.

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How to get to here

By route bus

From Shuzenji station, by route bus to Matsuzaki, about 52 minutes to Toi-Kinzan (Gold Mine), about 1 hour and 7 minutes to Cape Koibito, about 1 hour and 14 minutes to Koganezaki, about 1 hour and 32 minutes to Dougashima.

By car

From Shuzenji, about 27 km to Toi Gold Mine, about 34 km to Cape Koibito, about 39 km to Koganezaki, about 46 km to Dougashima.

Entrance gate of Toi Gold Mine
Entrance of mine
Doll of early worker in the mine Museum in Toi Gold Mine
Way to Cape Koibito Couples on Cape Koibito
Love Call Bell on Cape Koibito
Photo by Nihon-rettou okinijiman
Golden Bell on Cape Koibito
Photo by Nihon-rettou okinijiman
Koganezaki in spring
Tensoudou in Dougashima
Photo by Nihon-rettou okinijiman
Inside of Tensoudou
Photo by Nihon-rettou okinijiman
Sanshiro Islands at the lowest tide
Sunset at Dougashima

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