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Nihondaira hill

NihondairaNihondaira is a hill located to the east of central Shizuoka. Tea farms and forests spreads on the hill.
The observatory located at a level of 308 meters is the popular spot, and we can see the view of Mount Fuji, Izu Peninsula, central Shizuoka city, Shimizu Port and Suruga Bay from here.

There is Kunozan Toshogu shrine to the south, and a ropeway connects between the observatory and the shrine.

To visit here, Nihondaira Park Way lead to here from the foot of this hill.
Of course, we can reach from Kunozan Toshogu by ropeway.

How to get to here

By Shinkansen

By Tokaido Shinkansen, from Tokyo to Shizuoka, about 1 hour 3-10 minutes by "Hikari", about 1 hour 30 minutes by "Kodama".
About 35 minutes from Shizuoka station by route bus to Nihondaira.

By car

About 14 km from central Shizuoka city.

View from Nihondaira
Evening view from Nihondaira
Observatory on Nihondaira
Photo by Nihon-rettou okinijiman
Tea farm on Nihondaira

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