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Shuzenji temple and hot spring resort

ShuzenjiShuzenji is a hot spring resort located about 18 km south of Mishima city, and there is an old Shuzenji temple in the resort area.
"Shuzenji" of resort town name is written with the left kanji characters, but the temple name is written with the characters in the parenthesis.

Shuzenji temple is in the center of the hot spring resort town.
It is said that it was founded in 807 by high priest Kuukai.
Originally it was a Buddhist temple of Shingon sect, but it was converted to Rinzai sect in the 1250s.
It was destroyed by fire in 1409, but Souun Hojo, the lord of this area, rebuilt the temple in 1489.
The current main temple was rebuilt in 1883.

Shuzenji hot spring resort is in the valley formed by Katsura River.
The resort town is along the river, and there are many hotels and ryokans.

It is said that this hot spring also was found by high priest Kuukai.
When he visited here in 807, he found a boy cleaning his sick father in Katsura River.
Kuukai was impressed with the devotion of the boy, so he broke the rocks in the river with his sacred stick.
Then, sacred hot water sprang there. With the hot water, the boy's father had recovered rapidly and fully.

The hot spring "Tokko-no-yu" is still in the river.

How to get to here

By railroad and route bus

  1. From Mishima station to Shuzenji terminal station, about 40 minutes by local train on Izuhakone Railway Line.
    From Tokyo, JR limited express "Odoriko" come directly into this line. About 2 hours and 5-10 minutes from Tokyo.
  2. By route bus to Shizenji-onsen, about 8 minutes.

By car

From central Mishima city, about 20 km. About 40 minutes.

Main gate of Shuzenji temple
Main temple of Shuzenji
Resort town along Katsura River Public bathhouse "Hakoyu"
Tokko-no-yu in Katsura River Tokko-no-yu in Shuzenji

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