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Ito hot spring resort

ItoIto city map Ito is a city located at the northeast part of Izu Peninsula and about 15 km south of Atami.

The central area has many hot springs, and there are a lot of hotels and ryokans in the town.
And there are ten public bathhouses. Ito is exactly a hot spring resort city.

The western and southern area of the city is hilly.
There is Mount Oomuro, an inactive volcano, about 8 km south of central Ito city, so the hilly shape of the land around the volcano had been formed by the ancient volcanic action.
Generally this area is called "Izu-kogen".
("Kogen" means "highland" in English, but Izu-kogen has an altutude of only 50-250 meters.)

Izu-kogen had been developed as a resort villa area since the 1960s. So many villas and resort facilities are dotted.
Also small art galleries and museums are dotted in this area.

As a raiiroad, JR Ito Line leads to Ito city from Atami.
And Izukyu Line runs from Ito station through Izu-kogen to Shimoda.
Many trains from Atami or Tokyo come to Ito. And many of them are operated through Izukyu Line.

Izukyu official website

Mount Oomuro /1/

Mount Oomuro It is an inactive volcano, and is located about 8 km south of central Ito city. The height is 580 meters.
The last eruption was about 4-5 thousand years ago, and it is quite inactive now.
A lift leads to the top from the northern foot of the mountain.
There is a crater about 300 meters in diameter on the top of the mountain, and the archery facility and Sengen Shrine has been set in the crater.
And the edge of the crater is a good observatory.
At the northwest foot of the mountain, there is a park "Sakura-no-sato" with over 3,000 cherry trees.

Lake Ippeki /2/

Lake Ippeki It is a small lake located about 3 km north of Mount Oomuro.
It is a crater lake formed about 100 thousand years ago, then the lava of Mount Oomuro dammed the southeast part of the lake about 4-5 thousand years ago.
The lake is surrounded by beautiful forests, and a few hotels and an art gallery are around it.

Jogasaki coast /3/

Jogasaki coast It is the rocky coast located to the southeast of Mount Oomuro.
The lava by the eruption of Mount Oomuro flew to here, then this steep coast was formed.
The total length of the coast is about 9 km, and a walking trail is set up along the coast.
The suspension bridge near Cape Kadowaki is a popular spot of this coast.
It is across the small cove, and wild sea waves beat the rocky cliffs under the bridge.

Izu Shaboten Park /4/

Izu Shaboten Park It is a theme park of cactus and lovely animal, and is located at the north foot of Mount Oomuro.
"Cactus" is called "Saboten" in Japanese today, but the word "Shaboten" also had been used decades ago.
Literally this park displays about 1,500 kinds of cactuses in the world.
Additionally many lovely animals such as squirrel monkey, capybara, peacock are unconfined in this park.
It is the most popular theme park in Izu peninsula.

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Temple or Shrine / Museum or Laboratory / Market or Commercial facility / Factory /
Other Building or Construction / Historic place / Remains / World Heritage Site

How to get to here

By railroad and route bus

  1. To Ito station, by limited express "Odoriko", about 20-25 minutes from Atami, about 1 hour and 40-45 minutes from Tokyo.
    By local train, about 22-28 minutes from Atami.
  2. From Ito station, by route bus to Shaboten-koen, about 27 minutes to Lake Ippeki, about 40 minutes to Izu Shaboten Park terminal.
    To Jogasaki coast, get on the route bus to Kaiyo-koen at Izu-kogen station on Izukyu Line. (About 20-25 minute from Ito)
    It takes about 9 minutes.

By car

About 22 km from Atami to central Ito. About 40 minutes.
From Ito, about 7 km to Lake Ippeki, about 10 km to Mount Oomuro.

Ito city
Photo by Nihon-rettou okinijiman
Old ryokans in Ito hot spring resort
Mount Oomuro Lift to the top of Mount Oomuro
Photo by Nihon-rettou okinijiman
Lake Ippeki
Jogasaki coast Kadowaki suspension bridge
Photo by Nihon-rettou okinijiman
Kadowaki suspension bridge Entrance of Izu Shaboten Park
Photo by Nihon-rettou okinijiman
Cactuses in Izu Shaboten Park
Photo by Nihon-rettou okinijiman
Prowling peacocks in Izu Shaboten Park
Photo by Nihon-rettouokinijiman

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