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Sumata Gorge

Sumata GorgeMap around OoigawaSumata Gorge is a steep gorge formed by Sumata River, one of the tributaries of Ooi River. In Japanese, it is called "Sumatakyo".
The length of the gorge is about 16 km, and the meeting point of the river into Ooi River is positioned about 3 km north of Senzu station on Ooigawa Railway.

There is Sumatakyo hot spring resort at the upper part of Sumata River. It is located about 9 km north of Senzu station.
In the resort, there are more than a dozen ryokans.
It is said that the water of the hot spring contains an ingredient to make the skin beautiful.
So this resort uses the catch phrase "The hot spring producing beauties".
In the resort, there is a municipal public outdoor bathhouse.

From the resort town, a few walking trails touring Sumata Gorge. It takes 60-90 minutes to walk.

There is Ooma Dam on Sumata River, and a suspension bridge crossing over the dam lake is popular.
The bridge is 90 meters long and 8 meters high. But the width of the way is only 45 centimeters! It is named as "Dream suspension bridge".
And only 10 people at a time can cross the bridge.

Above the bridge, there is Hiryu Bridge.
It was the bridge for a forest railroad, but now it is used as a part of a forest road.
We can walk on the bridge. The height is about 100 meters.

How to get to here

By route bus

By route bus from Senzu staion on Ooigawa Railway, about 40 minutes.

Entrance of Sumatakyo hot spring resort
A street of the resort
Municipal outdoor bath producing beauties Ooma Dam and the dam lake
Dream suspension bridge Very thrilling Dream suspension bridge
Around Dream suspension bridge in autumn Hiryu Bridge

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