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Kunozan Toshogu shrine

Kunozan Toshogu shrineKunozan Toshogu shrine is a Shinto shrine located about 7 km east of JR Shizuoka station.
It is near the peak of Mount Kuno (Kunozan, 216 meters high).

In 1568, Kuno Castle was built here by Shingen Takeda, a strong warlord, who had invaded from current Yamanashi Prefecture.
After that, Takeda family was overthrown, then Ieyasu Tokugawa occupied this area.

After Ieyasu founded Edo Government in 1603, he came back to Sunpu Castle to retire in 1607.
He thought that Kuno Castle was very important. So after he was died in 1616, he was buried here.

The following year, Hidetada Tokugawa who was one of Ieyasu's sons and the 2nd Shogun after Ieyasu, started to build this shrine after scraped Kuno Castle.
The body of Ieyasu was moved to Nikko at 1st anniversary of his death.
After that, this shrine was completed within 1617, and Ieyasu as a god was enshrined in this shrine and the name of "Toshogu" was given.

In 1634, Iemitsu Tokugawa, the 3rd Shogun, was built a great shrine in Nikko city, and it was named as Nikko Toshogu using the same name.

The gorgeous buildings in this shrine are all original, and most of them are designated as nationally important cultural properties.

There is the station of ropeway to Nihondaira hill.

How to get to here

By Shinkansen and route bus

By Tokaido Shinkansen, from Tokyo to Shizuoka, about 1 hour 3-10 minutes by "Hikari", about 1 hour 30 minutes by "Kodama".
About 32 minutes from Shizuoka station by route bus to Kunozan-shita.
(Additionally, from Nihondaira hill, we can reach here by ropeway.)

By car

Run on Tomei Expressway, and exit at Shizuoka Exit. About 8 km from there.

Approach to Kunozan Toshogu
Roumon gate
Korou drum tower Karamon gate
Main shrine of Kunozan Toshogu Tomb of Ieyasu Tokugawa
Gorgeous decoration of Main shrine
Ropeway to Nihondaira
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