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Mishima Shrine

Mishima ShrineMishima Shrine ("Mishima Taisha" in Japanese) is the central Shinto shrine in Izu area, and is in Mishima city.
It is located about 0.8 km southeast of JR Mishima station.

It is unknown when this shrine was founded, but there are mentions of this shrine in old documents around the 8th century.
In the 12th century, Yoritomo Minamoto, the founder of Kamakura Government, adored this shrine.
Since the Middle Ages, many samurais and common people in this area have worshiped.

In this precincts, there area some interesting spots in addtion to common shrine buildings.

The old tree of kinmokusei (fragrant orange-colored olive) is designated as a national natural treasure.
It is estimated to be about 1,200 years old, and is thought that it is the largest tree of kinmokusei in Japan.
In autumn, it produces countless orange blossoms, and they give out fragrance.

Tatari-ishi (a curse stone) is a big stone and is put near the Torii gate of this shrine.
Originally this stone was in the middle of old Tokaido road which had run near this shrine and had connected between Edo (current Tokyo) and Kyoto.
It had naturally controled the flow of people walking on the road.
This road became crowded, so the people in this town decided to remove this stone.
But whenever they tried to remove it, some troubles occurs. So they called this "a curse stone".
At last, when the road construction was done in 1914, this stone was removed then was enshrined in Mishima Shrine.
It is worshiped as a sacred stone for traffic safety.

How to get to here

By Shinkansen

About 1 hour from Tokyo to Mishima by "Kodama" train of Tokaido Shinkansen.
About 10 minutes walk from Mishima station.

Entrance of Mishima Shrine
The main shrine of Mishima Shrine
Old kinmokusei tree in Mishima Shrine Tatari-ishi (A curse stone)
All photoes by Nihon-rettou okinijiman

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