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Nakajima Park

Nakajima parkNakajima Park is a park located about 1 km south of Susukino.
It is in the urban district, and is about 1 km from north to south and about 0.5 km from east and west in width. It has an area of about 21 hectares.

There are green space in the park.
And some public facilities such as a concert hall and an astronomical observatory are set up in the park.

In the north part of the park, there is a Shobu-ike pond.

And in this park, two historical constructions are removed and rebuilt.
One is a medieval Japanese tea room "Hassouan", which was built in Shiga prefecture and removed here in 1971.

The other is a Western hotel "Hoheikan", which was built for important guests in 1880 and removed from the center of Sapporo to here in 1958.
Hoheikan is currently used as a wedding hall.

How to get to here

By subway

Get off at "Nakajima-koen" station.

Shobu-ike in Nakajima Park In autumn
Japanese garden Hassouan
Hoheikan Museum in Hoheikan
All photos by Sapporo City

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