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Hitsujigaoka observation hill

Hitsujigaoka observation hillHitsujigaoka observation hill ("Hitsujigaoka tenboudai" in Japanese) is located about 9 km south-southeast of central Sapporo.

It is on the top of gently sloping hill, and has a good view of Sapporo city.
Just to the north of this hill, you can see the Sapporo Dome which is a stadium for baseball and soccer.

There is a statue of Dr. William Smith Clark (1826-1886) on this observatory.
It was built in 1976.
Dr. Clark was the first vice-president of Sapporo Agricultural College (current Hokkaido University) invited from the Massachusetts Agricultural College in the United States.
His words "Boys, be ambitious!" is very famous, and the statue is the symbol of Hokkaido people with pioneer spirit.

Around the observatory, a flock of sheep are grazing, which creates a pastoral scenery.
Originally sheep has been pastured around here, and this area is on the property of the National Agricultural Research Center for Hokkaido Region now.
"Hitsujigaoka" means "hill of sheep" in Japanese.

The observatory has some buildings for visitors such as restaurant, footbath.
And Sapporo Snow Festival Museum introduces the history of the festival over half century-long.

How to get to here

By subway

  1. Get off at subway station "Fukuzumi" on Toho line.
  2. Then, by route bus, about 10 minutes to "Hitsujigaoka tenboudai".

Hitsujigaoka observation hill
Sheep around the observatory Footbath
Sapporo Snow Festival Museum Inside of the museum
All photos by Sapporo City

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