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Ken'ninji temple

Kenninji templeMap of GionKen'ninji is a Buddhist temple of Rinzai school, one of the three Japanese Zen sects, and is located on the southwest side of Gion district.
Kodaiji temple is located about 0.8 km east of this temple.

This temple was founded in 1202 by high priest Eisai (1141-1215).
He studied Zen sect in China in 1168 and 1187, and Shofukuji as the Japan's first Zen temple built in Fukuoka city in 1195.
And Jufukiji built in Kamakura in 1200 as the capital's first Zen temple.
After that, Ken'ninji was founded as the Zen temple in Kyoto.

The site of the temple is about 100 meters from east to weat and about 300 meters from north to south.
On the south end, there is Chokushimon gate. It is said that it was built around the 14th century.
In the center of the site, there is Hattou temple. It is the main hall and was built in 1765.
To the north of Hattou, there is Houjou temple. It was built around the 14th or 15th century, and was moved to here in 1599. Houjou has a Japanese stone garden "Daiyuuen".
And to the north of Houjou, there is a Japanese garden covered with moss "Chouontei".

Honbou is to the east of Houjou, and it is a priest's quarters.
This building has "Wind God and Thunder God Screens" which is the best work of Sotatsu Tawaraya, one of the greatest painters in the 16-17th centuries.
The real picture is exhibited in Kyoto National Museum, and the replica is set up here. It is designated as a national pleasure.

There are some other buildings in this site, and there are many small temples around this temple.

The admission fee to this temple is 500 yen.

How to get to here

By route bus

From Kyoto station, about 18 minutes to Higashiyama-Yasui stop, by bus with route No. 206.
Then about 5 minutes from the bus stop to Ken'niniji.

Ground of Ken'ninji Chokushimon gate
Photo by Rettou-houmotsukan
Hattou temple Houjou temple
Photo by Rettou-houmotsukan
Daiyuuen garden
Honbou in Kenninji
Wind God and Thunder God Screens (Replica)

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