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Ginkakuji temple

Ginkakuji templeMap around GinkakujiGinkakuji is a Buddhist temple located at the north part of Higashiyama mountains.

Kyoto Imperial Palace is located about 4 km west, and Nanzenji temple is located about 2 km south of this temple.

This temple is one of 17 constructions of "Historic Monuments of Ancient Kyoto" designated as a World Heritage Site.

The formal name of this temple is Jishoji, and is a temple of Rinzai school, one of the three Japanese Zen sects.

The construction of this temple was started as a villa from 1482 by Yoshimasa Ashikaga, the 8th Shogun of Muromachi Government.
He retired from Shogun, then moved to this constructing villa in 1483.

Kyoto, Ginkakuji temple

But he died in 1490, and this villa was completed in the same year.
So the villa was changed to the temple for Yoshimasa, and the name "Jishoji" was given.

The central building is Kan'non-den temple. It is generally called "Ginkaku".
It stands near the beautiful Japanese garden.

"Ginkaku" means "Silver Pavilion", but it is not decorated with silver.
("Kinkaku" in Kinkakuji means "Golden Pavilion", and is covered with gold leaves, true to its name.)

But, the constructions in this temple had been created with sumptuous materials.
This temple is designated as a national treasure.

There are some other buildings in this site.
But original buildings are only Ginkaku and Togudo.

Togudo was built 1486, and was a house with Yoshimasa's office.
This is also designated as a national treasure.

The admission fee to this temple is 500 yen.

How to get to here

By route bus

  • From Kyoto station, about 36 minutes to Ginkakuji-mae stop, by bus with route No. 100. (Kyoto municipal bus)
    Then about 6 minutes there.
  • From Kyoto station, about 25-28 minutes to Ginkakuji-michi stop, by bus with route No. 18 or 51. (Kyoto Bus)
    Then about 10 minutes there.

Photo by Rettou-houmotsukan
Photo by Railstation.net
Togudo Main temple
Photo by Railstation.net
Ginshadan (Unique garden) Kogetsudai in Ginshadan

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