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Heian Shrine

Heian ShrineMap around heian ShrineHeian Shrine is a Shinto shrine.
It is located about 1.5 km north of Yasaka Shrine, and Nanzenji temple is located about 1 km east-southeast of this shrine.
On the northern side of the shrine, Marutamachi Street runs.
In Japanese, it is called "Heian Jinguu".

This shrine is relatively new in the ancient city of Kyoto.
It was built as the main construction of commemorate the 1,100th anniversary of the ancient capital city in 1895.
The buildings in this shrine were restored as five-eighth sized main palace of ancient Kyoto.
And Emperor Kanmu (737-806), who moved the capital to Kyoto in 794, was enshrined.
In 1940, Emperor Komei (1831-1867), who was the last emperor lived in Kyoto as the capital, was also enshrined.

In 1976, most of the buildings in this shrine were burned down in an arson attack by a left-wing activist.
This shrine was not a national cultural property, so it was unable to receive government's subsidy.
But much money was raised from across Japan, then the shrine was rebuilt in 1979.

The main gate is "Outenmon", and the main shrine is to the north.
And corridors connect these buildings.

On October 22th, the day when the capital was moved, Jidai Festival is held as the annual celebration of this shrine.
It is one of three major festivals in Kyoto, along with Gion Festival and Aoi Festival.

Heian Shrine official website

Kyoto, Heian Shrine

How to get to here

By subway

Get off at Higashiyama station on Tozai Line. Then 10 minutes walk from there.

By route bus

From Kyoto station, about 21 minutes to Kyotokaikan Bijutsukan-mae stop, by bus with route No. 5.

Huge Torii gate Outenmon gate
Main shrine of Heian Shrine Japanese garden around main shrine

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