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Gyokusendou cave (Okinawa World)

Gyokusendou cave (Okinawa World)Map of Okinawa Senseki Quasi-National Park Gyokusendou is a limestone cave, and is located about 7 km northeast of Peace Memorial Park.
Of course, it is a natural cave. But it is in the site of the theme park "Okinawa World" and is one of the attractions of the park.

Gyokusendou was formed by elevating coral reefs about 3 million yeras ago.
It was found by Expedition Club of an university in 1967.
The total length of the cave is about 5 km, and it is one of Japan's largest limestone caves.

In the cave, there are over a million stalactites.
Because the flowing water contains much lime, the stalactites grow about 3 millimeters a year.

This cave was opened to the public with the theme park in 1972.
For visitors, the section about 890 meters long is opened.

Okinawa World has not only Gyokusendou but also some attractions introducing the culture of Okinawa.

"Kingdom Castle Town" has several traditional Okinawan houses and buildings.
In some buildings, Okinawan traditional crafts (Bingata (dying), Sanshin (string instrument), Ryukyu glass, paper making, weaving, and so on) are introduced.

And, we can see the performence of Eisaa which is the Bon dance in Okinawa.

"Habu Museum Park" is interesting.
Habu is a kind of poisonous snakes, and it lives in most of the islands around Okinawa Prefecture. (It doesn't live in the mainland of Japan.)
In Okinawa Prefecture, tens of people has been bitten by Habu every year. Recently, most of them recover with antivenin therapy. This museum introduces the ecology of Habu.
And we can see many live Habu in the park.

How to get to here

By route bus

  • By route bus with route No.54, 83, about 1 hour from Naha terminal to Gyokusendou-mae stop.
  • By route bus with route No.82, about 35 minute from Peace Memorial Park to Gyokusendou-mae stop.

Stalactites in Gyokusendou Stalactites in Gyokusendou
Traditinal house in Okinawa Sanshin
Performance of Eisaa Habu in Awamori (distilled spirit in Okinawa)

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