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Taketomi Island

Taketomi IslandMap of Taketomi Island Taketomi Island ("Taketomijima" in Japanese) is a small island located about 6 km west of Ishigaki Port on the south coast of Ishigaki Island.
It is an egg-shaped island, and is about 2.5 km from east to west and about 3.5 km from north to south in width.

The island was formed by raised coral reefs, so it is quite flat.
A small village is in the center of the island, about 300 and several tens of people live.

In the village, there are only old traditional houses.
When the inhabitants build a new house, the house must be built in the traditional style.
Showing any sign on the surface of the house is not allowed.
And, the inhabitants never allow resort development.

The roads filled with coral sands have been cleaned by the inhabitants every day.
By the rain, the sands flow out to the sea. So they sometimes repair the roads with using the sands on the beach.

In this way, the people have kept the traditional scenery of the village since early times.
The scenery has attracted the tourists.
So, Taketomi Island is the most popular island in Yaeyama Islands.

A small route bus is operated.
It starts from the port at the northeast coast, runs through the village and two beach, and returns the port.
It is operated every 30 minutes. But you need to reserve a seat when you get on any stop except the port.

Water buffalo carriage for sightseeing is popular.
And you can use a rental bicycle.

There is no large hotel in Taketomi Island.
But there are many minshuku of traditional house.

Main spots in Taketomi Island

  • Tower of Nagomi /1/ : The only observatory in Taketomi Island.
    It is on a hill in the center of the village, and we can see the scenery of whole island.
    But we must climb the steep steps. And only one or two people can stand on the observatory at a time.
  • West Pier /2/ : An old pier on the west coast.
    It was built in 1938, and the inhabitants had been to Iriomote Island by boat to do farm work.
    But it has long since fallen into disuse.
    Now, it is a popular viewing spot of sunset.
  • Kondoi Beach /3/ : The only bathing beach in Taketomi Island.
    It is a shoaling beach. When you want to dive, you must go offshore over 1 km.
  • Kaiji Beach /4/ : The beach known for "star sand".
    A star sand is a foraminiferal shell. Foraminifera is a very small protist living in the sea, and the shell is in the form of a star.
    It is found in the tropical zone in western Pacific Ocean.
    The sands in this beach contain relatively-numerous star sands.
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How to get to here

By ship

By high-speed ship, about 10 minutes from Ishigaki Port.

A view of very flat Taketomi Island Taketomi Port
Center of the village Old houses
A street Water buffalo carriage
Photo by Ishigakijima-umibe.com
Tower of Nagomi
Photo by Ishigakijima-umibe.com
The view from Tower of Nagomi
Sunset at West Pier
Photo by Ishigakijima-umibe.com
Kondoi Beach
Photo by Ishigakijima-umibe.com
She is looking for stra sands at Kaiji Beach
Photo by Ishigakijima-umibe.com
Star sands in Taketomi Island

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