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Hateruma Island

Hateruma IslandMap of Hateruma Island Hateruma Island ("Haterumajima" in Japanese) is a small island located about 25 km south of Iriomote Port.
It is an oval island, and is about 6 km from east to west and about 3 km from north to south in width.

The island was formed by raised coral reefs, but it is a little hilly and the highest point is about 60 meters above sea level.
A small village is in the center of the island, about 500 and several tens of people live.

In the island, the fields of sugarcane spread.
The main industry of this island is sugar production.

This island is the Japan's southernmost place where the general tourists can reach.
And it is one of the handful places in Japan where we can observe Southern Cross under good conditions.

In this island, there are some beautiful beaches and ruins in the period of Ryukyu Kindgom.

This island has only a small hotel and around a dozen minshuku. When you stay in this island, you should make a reservation in advance.

A family in this island has produced the Awamori (Okinawa's distilled spirit) named "Awanami".
It is for the people in Hateruma island, and it is known as a hidden good Awamori.
Of course, it is very difficult to get it in any other areas in Japan. And, even if you find it at some shop in Hateruma, you are very lucky.
But when you stay a minshuku, the host may serve it for you.

No route bus and taxi is in this island.
To tour around this island, you should rent a bicycle or a motorbike.

This island has Hateruma Island. But no flight is opereted now.

Main spots in Hateruma Island

  • Monument of the Japan's southernmost place /1/ : The monument on the southeast coast of the island.
    This position is at 24°2’44” north latitude, 123°47’18” east longitude.
    Most shops and minshuku issue the certificate for visiting the Japan's southernmost place.
  • Observation tower of the stars /2/ : The observattion tower near Monument of the Japan's southernmost place.
    Because it is a small astronomical observatory, it is on the wide open field.
    We can see the Southern Cross clearly by the astrometric telescope.
  • Kootomori /3/ : A ruin of lookout platform in the period of Ryukyu Kingdom.
    It is at the northern entrance of the village, and was built in the 17th century.
    Observers overlooked the passing ships on the platform, and they sent the information by bonfire from here.
    The height is about 4 meters.
  • Nishihama Beach /4/ : The beach on the nortwest coast.
    It is very beautiful. The water is very clear, and the sands are very white.
    Most tourists say that no beach is more beautiful than Nishihama.
    Only Nishihama is allowed to swim in Hateruma Island.
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How to get to here

By ship

By high-speed ship, about 1 hour minutes from Ishigaki Port.

Hateruma Port
Photo by Ishigakijima-umibe.com
A street in the village
Fields of sugarcane Sign of the brewery of "Awanami"
Photo by Ishigakijima-umibe.com
Monument of the Japan's southernmost place Coast around the southernmost place
Observation tower of the stars
Photo by Ishigakijima-umibe.com
Nishihama Beach

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