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Cape Zanpa

Cape Zanpa Cape Zanpa is at roughly center of west coast of Okinawa Island.
It is located about 5 km northwest of Zakimi Castle, and is about 30 km north of Naha city.

The coast about 2 km long around the cape has the cliffs about 30 meters high.
But the land on the cliffs is relatively-flat, and there is a natural park.
On the tip of the cape, a lighthouse stands. It was built in 1974, and the height is about 30 meters.

US troops occupied Kerama Islands located about 40 km south of this cape on March 26th, 1945.
Then they advanced toward this cape as a landmark of Okinawa Island. And they landed on the beach to the south of Cape Zanpa on April 1st, and the Battle of Okinawa started.

Now, this cape is one of the good scenic spots in Okinawa Island.
Also we can enjoy the beautiful view of sunset.

How to get to here

By route bus

By route bus with route No.28, about 1 hour and 20 minutes from Naha terminal to Yomitan terminal.
About 50 minutes walk from there (About 3 km).

Cape Zanpa and the lighthouse Cliffs around Cape Zanpa
beach near Cape Zanpa A view of sunset

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