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Cape Manza

Manzamou Along the central and western coast of Okinawa Island, beautiful beaches and scenic spots are dotted.
Cape Manza is one of the popular scenic spots. (In Japanese, it is called "Manzamou".)
It is located about 12 km northeast of Ryukyu Mura Park.

The coast has steep cliffs. And the color of sea is very beautiful blue.
Most famous cliff is the one like a nose of elephant.
The land on the cliff is flat and is covered with grass.

"Manzamou" means "field where ten thousand people can sit down".
It is said that this name was given by Shoukei (1713-1752), a king of Ryukyu.

How to get to here

By route bus

By route bus with route No.20 or 120, about 1 hour and 35 minutes from central Naha to On'nason-yakuba-mae stop.
About 15 minutes walk from there (About 1 km).

Manzamou Beautiful sea
Walking trail Sunset view

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