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Kerama Islands

Kerama IslandsMap of Kerama Islands Kerama Islands are located about 40 km west of Naha city on Okinawa Island.
There are over 20 islands in size from small to large, and most of them are surrounded by coral reefs.

The sea around Kerama islands has the world's leading transparency.
So these islands are known as one of the popular spots of scuba diving and whale watching.
Of course, this beautiful nature is very precious. So this water area has been inscribed as a registered wetlands under the Ramsar Convention.

And the wild deer living in these islands is an endemic species.
It is said that the deer was brought back from Kagoshima Prefecture by a royalty of Ryukyu Kingdom in the mid-17th century and the species has been changed by island dwarfing.

In 1945, U.S. forces left from Guam island and attacked these islands first on March 23rd.
They landed on here on 26th and occupied by 29th.
The government by Japanese army had announced the whole nation that American tourtured the captives to death brutally.
So about 700 people killed themselves before they became captives.
(Of course, the announcement was the biased education by Japanese army.)

Only four islands have the islanders.
They are Tokashiki, Zamami, Aka and Geruma Islands.

There are two routes of ship from Naha Port to Kerama Islands.
One is the route to Tokashiki Island.
Another is the route to Zamami and Aka islands. Aka Island and Geruma Island are connected with a bridge.
But we have no method to come and go between Tokashiki Island and the other islands. (Once we have to go back to Naha.)

These islands have no large hotel or ryokan.
There are many small minshuku (Japansese style inn) or resort inns around the main ports.

Islands of Kerama

  • Tokashiki Island /1/ : The central town is on the east coast, and the ship from Naha comes here.
    The main beaches are Aharen and Tokashiku on the west coast.
    No route bus is operated in this island, but paid courtesy bus to the beaches are waiting at the port when a ship comes in the port.
    If you stay in a minshuku, maybe you can visit the beaches by the small bus of the minshuku.
  • Zamami Island /2/ : The central town is on the south coast, and the ship from Naha comes here.
    The main beaches are Furuzamami and Ama close to Zamami town.
    And Gahi Island and Agenashiku Island are uninhabited islands but they has beautiful beaches. To these islands, small boats are operated.
  • Aka Island /3/ : The central town is on the south coast, and the ship from Naha comes here.
    The main beaches are Nishihama, Hizushi Beaches.
    These beaches are very beautiful.
  • Geruma Island /4/ : This island is mountainous, and has no beach.
    The small town is on the south coast, and a road come from Aka Island.
    We can see the wild deer often in this island.
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How to get to here

To Tokashiki Island

  • By Ferry, Naha Tomari Port 10:00 - 11:10 Tokashiki Port.
  • By high-speed ship, about 35 minutes from Naha Tomari Port to Tokashiki Island. (It is operated 2 or 3 times a day.)

To Zamami and Aka Islands

  • By Ferry, from Naha Tomari Port, about 1 hour and 30 minutes to Aka Port, about 2 hours to Zamami Port. (It is operated 1 or 2 times a day.).
  • By high-speed ship, from Naha Tomari Port, about 50-70 minutes. Some ship arrive Zamami first, and the others arrive Aka first. (It is operated 2 or 3 times a day.)

Kerama Islands
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Tokashiki Island Tokashiku Beach
Aharen Beach Sea around Aharen Beach
A street in Zamami town A view from Zamami town
Furuzamami Beach Ama Beach
Gahi Island Beach on Agenashiku Island
Beach near Aka Port and Geruma Island Hizushi Beach
Nishihama Beach Coral like a table near Nishihama Beach
Wild deer Sunset view

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