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Cape Hedo

Hedo Misaki Cape Hedo is located at the northern end of Okinawa Island.
It is located about 110 km northeast of Naha city, and is about 50 km away from Nago city.
Here is in Kunigami village.

The cape was formed by elevated coral reef, and a flat tableland surrounded by cliffs spreads.

There is "Monument in Commemoration of the Reversion of Okinawa to Japan" on the cape.

After the Pacific War (World War II), Okinawa had been under American control since 1945. (Formally, the conclusion of the San Francisco Peace Treaty in 1951 was the start.)
American troops constructed several military bases in Okinawa Island, and many Okinawan farmers were deprived of their land.
Okinawa became the land of American's colony, and Okinawa people had been forced to do hard lives.
So they had sometimes fought a losing battle against American troops.

They sometimes held a meeting to require Okinawa's reversion to Japanese administration on Cape Hedo and made a bonfire here.
The light evidently reached to Yoron Island about 22 km offshore where was the south end of Japan.

The long-cherished wish of Okinawan people was realized in 1972, and Okinawa was returned to Japan.
Then this monument was built here in 1976.
On this monument, the passion of Okinawan people hoping the peaceful lives has been inscribed.

Near it, there is a monument of white bird.
It is the monument of friendship between Kunigami village and Yoron Island, and was sent to Yoron Island.
The statue is "Kariyushi". It is a legendary animal in this area, and it has a head of a bird and a body of a fish.

To the south of the cape, there is an observatory in ths shape of a bird.
The bird is "Okinawa Rail" (In Japanese, it is called "Yanbaru-Kuina").
The bird was found as a new species in 1981 around this village. Since that, it became one of the symbols of Okinawa, but it is designated as an endangered species.

This observatory is modeled after Okinawa Rail as the symbol of this village.
We can see the good view of Cape Hedo.

To the southwest of the cape, there are Kongo-Sekirinzan mountains.
They are the steep limestone mountains, and is the northernmost tropical karst landform.
Around the mountains, paid park is set up. We can see the mountains along some courses about 1 km long.

And there is "Kayauchi-banta" about 5 km southwest of the cape.
It is the steep cliffs about 100 meters high facing beautiful sea.

How to get to here

By route bus

  1. By express route bus with route No.111, about 2 hours from Naha terminal to Nago terminal.
  2. By route bus with route No.67, about 1 hour from Nago terminal to Hentona terminal.
  3. By route bus of Kinigami village, about 35 minutes from Hentona terminal to Cape Hedo.
    (The bus has only three services a day.)

Cape Hedo
Photo by Okinawa Convention & Visitors Bureau
Monument in Commemoration of the Reversion of Okinawa to Japan Monument of Kariyushi from Yoron Island
Yanbaru-Kuina Observatory Cape Hedo from the observatory
Photo by S-Hoshino.com
Photo by Okinawa Convention & Visitors Bureau

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