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Nakagusuku Castle

Nakagusukujo Nakagusuku Castle ("Nakagusuku-jo" in Japanese) is the castle of Ryukyu Kingdom, and is located about 15 km northeast of Naha city.

The site is on a hill at about 160 meters elevation, and is about 0.7 km from east to west and about 0.2 km from north to south in width.
The castle is made up of 6 enclosures surrounded by stone walls.
The walls are made of many blocks of limestone. But plaster or cement wasn't used.

The castle was built in the middle of the 14th century.
And a general of Ryukyu king enlarged the castle by the 1440s.
But he was destroyed with a stratagem in 1458, and the castle was deserted.
After that, this castle was used as a government office.

The United States came to Japan to ask Edo Government (then central government in Tokyo) to open the country in 1853, and the fleet visited Okinawa Island on this occasion.
When the party saw this castle, they were surprised at its advanced architectural techniques.

Fortunately, the damage from Okinawa Battle in 1945 was light.

In 2000, this castle was declared a World Heritage site, as one of Gusuku Sites and Related Properties of the Kingdom of Ryukyu.

How to get to here

By route bus

  • By route bus with route No.30, about 50 minutes from Naha terminal to Nakagusuku-Shogakko-mae stop.
    About 2 km walk on an upslope from there.
  • By route bus with route No.52 or 58, about 50 minute from Naha terminal to Adaniya stop.
    About 2.5 km walk from there.

Nakagusuku Castle
Photo by Kogashitsu-Kabegami
Uramon gate Stepway between Northern Enclosure and 3rd Enclosure
1st Enclosure Gate between 1st Enclosure and 2nd Enclosure
Castle wall Worship place toward Shuri Castle
Main gate
Photo by Railstation.net
Kanjaagama (Ruin of smithery)
Photo by Railstation.net
A view of sea from Nakagusuku Castle

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