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Osaka Tenmanguu shrine

Osaka TenmanguuOsaka Tenmanguu shrine is located about 2 km east-southeast of Umeda.

In 901, Michizane Sugawara, a politician and scholar, was moved to Kyushu Island by scheme.
On his way to Kyushu, he visit Taishougun shrine in Osaka. The shrine was one of the eight shrines set up on the unlucky directions in a traditional Japanese esoteric cosmology from Naniwa Palace.
But he died in 903 in Kyushu.
In 949, seven pine trees had grown suddenly in front of the shrine. And they radiated golden light every night.
Emperor Murakami heard the wonder story, he thought it was the soul of Michizane.
So he ordered to built new shrine for Michizane there. It was Osaka Tenmanguu shrine.

In this shrine, there are main shrine, Taishogun shrine and some other buildings.

Tenjin Festival held from late June to July 25th is popular.

How to get to here


  • Osaka-Tenmanguu (Tozai Line)

By subway

  • Minami-Morimachi (Sakaisuji Line, Tanimachi Line)

Main gate of Osaka Tenmanguu shrine Main shrine of Osaka Tenmangu
Taishogun shrine Hoshiai pond in Osaka Tenmanguu

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