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DotonboriMap of MinamiDotonbori is a name of a canal which flows through "Minami" area from east to west and is about 2.5 km long. (In Japanese, it is called Dootonbori.)
The canal is called "Dotonborigawa" (Dotonbori River).

Also the street and the town along the canal is called Dotonbori.
It is just to the Nanba area, and it is the most popular entertainment district in Osaka.

The canal was constructed in 1615 by Doton Yasui and a few reclaimers.
Some theaters for Kabuki or Ningyo-Joruri (Japanese puppet show) had been built around the canal since the 1660s, then this area became one of the entertainment districts.
Now there are no theaters, but many various restaurans gather in this district, and its fancy and unique signs are the symbols of Dotonbori.

The central part is the section between Midosuji Boulevard and Sakaisuji Street, and the length is about 600 meters.
To the east of Midosuji Boulevard, Ebisu Bridge is across Dotonbori.
The area around the bridge is the most popular.

The sign of a runner is very famous.
It is the sign of Ezaki Glico Company, one of the large confectionary companies. This sign was set up in 1935 first, and the current sign is the fifth generation.

Another is the sign of a huge moving crab.
It is the sign of a crab restaurant "Kani-Doraku" since 1962.

Hozenji-Yokocho street /1/

Hozenji-Yokocho street It is the two small and narrow streets around Hozenji temple.
The length of each street is about 80 meters and the width is about 3 meters.
The roads are paved with stone, and there are small and old restaurants and bars along the streets.
Originally, these streets were in the site of the temple, but they became a town without even noticing.
It is near busy Dotonbori, but it is a calm town.

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How to get to here

By subway

  • Nanba (Midosuji, Yotsubashi, Sen'nichimae Lines). We can enter Dotonbori from west side.
  • Nipponbashi (Sen'nichimae, Sakaisuji Lines). We can enter Dotonbori from east side.

Dotonbori Canal
Dotonbori street
Ebisu Bridge
Neon sign of Glico near Ebisu Bridge
Moving sign of huge crab
Blowfish restaurant
A unique Ferris wheel
Hozenji temple Fudo statue covered with moss wholly in Hozenji-Yokocho

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