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Shiten'nouji temple

Shiten'noujiShiten'nouji is a Buddhist temple located about 0.7 km north of JR Ten'nouji station.
This temple was founded in 593, and it is one of the oldest temples in Japan.

There is a mention as below in the Japan's oldest history book.
In 587, a battle took place between Soga Clan and Mononobe Clan.
Soga Clan admired Buddhism, but Mononobe Clan denied Buddhism.
Prince Shotoku, who was 14 years old, was in Soga Clan, and he made four Buddha statues from sumac trees.
And he promised the statues that he would build a temple for the statues if Soga Clan won the battle.
As a result, Soga Clan won the battle.

In 593, Empress Suiko ascended the throne, and Prince Shotoku became a regent.
And he built Shiten'noji temple as promised, and he created the framework of a nation to respect Emperor / Empress and Buddhism since that.

The buildings in this temple has often been damaged over a long period of history.
They were battles in medieval times, lightning stokes, typhoon, air raids in World War II.
The current buildings were rebuilt in the 17-20th centuries.
Many of them are designated as national important cultural properties.

How to get to here

By subway

  • Shitennoujimae-Yuuhigaoka (Tanimachi Line). About 5 minutes walk from the station.


  • Tennoji (Osaka-Kanjosen). About 15 minutes walk from the station.

Torii gate of Shiten'noji Nishi-Daimon gate
Photo by Railstation.net
Koudou, Kondou, Five-story pagoda Nort bell tower
Photo by Railstation.net
Rokujidou hall
Photo by Railstation.net
Stone stage in front of Rokujidou
Photo by Railstation.net
Japanese garden in Shiten'noji A corridor in Shiten'noji
West side of main area In the evening

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