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Japan Mint

Japan MintJapan Mint is an Incorporated Administrative Agency of the Japanese government, and is located about 0.8 km east of Osaka Tenmanguu shrine. Ookawa River flows just near the site.
In Japanese, it is called "Zouheikyoku".

This is its head office and has two branch offices in Tokyo and Hiroshima. It was founded in 1871.
Japan Mint produces Japanese coins, orders, medals and other metallic art objects. The medals of Nagano Olympic Games in 1998 and a pair of golden Shachihoko on the roof of Nagoya Castle were produced in here.

We can join the free tour of the Mint. (We have to have an appointment.)

And we can visit Mint Museum in the site.
Its brick building was built as a thermal power plant in 1911, and has been used as the museum since 1969.
Historic Japanese coins and the other various articles are displayed.
Admission is free, and no appointment is necessary.

Japan Mint is famous for the cherry blossoms.
There is nearly 120 different kinds of about 400 cherry trees in this site.
For about a week in early April, an internal passage along the cherry trees in the site is opened to the public.
The passage is like a tunnel of cherry blossoms. Because many people visit here, this passage is one-way. So this event is called "Passing through cherry blossoms".
The passage is about 560 meters long from South Gate to North Gate.

Japan Mint official website

How to get to here


  • Sakuranomiya (Osaka-Kanjosen). About 15 minutes walk from the station.
  • Osaka-Tenmanguu (Tozai Line). About 10 minutes walk from the station.

By subway and other railroad company

  • Minami-Morimachi (Sakaisuji Line, Tanimachi Line). About 15 minutes walk from the station.
  • Tenmabashi (Tanimachi Line). About 15 minutes walk from the station.
  • Tenmabashi (Keihan Line). About 15 minutes walk from the station.

Japan Mint in spring
Japan Mint in autumn
Mint Museum
Displaying large coins in the 16th century
Passing through cherry blossoms in Japan Mint
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