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NipponbashiMap of MinamiNipponbashi is the area located to the southeast of Dotonbori.
The area is along Sakaisuji street from north to south, and the length is about 1 km.
The kanji characters of "Nipponbashi" is the same as "Nihonbashi" in Tokyo.

"Nipponbashi" is the name of a bridge.
It is the bridge of Sakaisuji street across Dotonbori canal. The original bridge was built in 1619.
But the bridge has gotten less attention, and we recognize that Nipponbashi is the name of town.

After the end of World War II, this town became a town of electronic stores like Akihabara in Tokyo.
Many electronic stores are around Nipponbashi 3-chome district and along Nansan street connecting the intersection and Nankai Nanba station.
Generally, this town is called "Denden Town".

Additionally, like Akihabara, the shops of game, manga, anime are increasing, and we can find "maid cafes".
The small street on the west side of Sakaisuji Street has several anime, manga or game shops.
Otaku (geek of anime, manga or game) visit here, so this street is called "Ota-Road".

Kuromon Market /11/

Kuromon Market It is the Osaka's main market for foods, and is on the east side of Sakaisuji street. In Japanese, it is called Kuromon-ichiba. Along the street about 400 meters long, there are many small shops of fishes, vegitables, meats and some other daily commodities.
Of course, there are many small restaurants such as sushi, udon, ramen and so on.

National Bunraku Theatre /12/

National Bunraku Theatre It is the theater for Bunraku or Ningyo-Joruri which is the Japanese traditional puppet play, and is one of four national theaters in Japan. (Bunraku is designated as a "masterpiece of the oral and intangible heritage of humanity.)
This theater was opened in 1984, and faces Sen'nichimae Street.

National Theatre of Japan official website

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How to get to here

By subway

  • Nipponbashi (Sen'nichimae, Sakaisuji Lines).

Denden town of Sakaisuji street
Ota-Road in Nipponbashi
National Bunraku Theatre

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