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Tomb of Emperor Nintoku

Tomb of Emperor NintokuTomb of Emperor Nintoku is in Sakai city next to Osaka city, and is located about 10 km south of Ten'noji station.
The formal name is Daisen Kofun (Tomb of Daisen).

The tomb is the largest in width in the world.
The length is 486 meters and the height is 35 meters.
The south part has an atrapezoidal shape and the north part has a round.
The round part has a diameter of 249 meters.
The tomb is surrounded with a wide moat.

Emperor Nintoku was the 16th Emperor in Japanese history. (The current Emperor is the 125th.)
He was born in 257, and died in 399. His reign as the Emperor was from 313 to 399.
If it was right, he died at the age of 142.
Of course, it is the record in an ancient book, and the other book said that he was died at the age of 83.
The truth is not yet known.

It is a tomb of an Emperor, so it has been managed by Imperial Household Agency.
It is acknowledged as the tomb of Emperor Nintoku, but the academic investigation has never been done.
Because, the agency hasn't allowed the investigation.
So some scholars say that it isn't the tomb of Emperor Nintoku.
But it is true that this was constructed in the early 5th century for very important person.

We can visit only the place for worshipping.

How to get to here

By railway

By local train on JR Hanwa Line, about 25 minutes from Ten'noji to Mozu station. Then about 5 minutes walk.

The tomb of Emperor Nintoku
Worshipping place
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