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Nanba (Namba)Map of MinamiNanba is the central area of "Minami", and is one of the main downtowns in Osaka, along with Umeda of "Kita".
In English, "Nanba" is sometimes spelled like "Namba".

Shinsaibashi is to the north, Dotonbori is to the northeast, and Nipponbashi is to the east.
Here is the south end of Midosuji Boulevard, and Sen'nichimae Street runs from east to west.

Nankai Railway leading to Kansai International Airport, Wakayama and Koyasan temple has the terminal station.
Kintetsu Line leading to Nara, Ise and Nagoya has the terminal station under the ground.
Hanshin Line leading to Nishi-Kujo and Kobe connects to Kintetsu Line here.
And JR Nanba terminal station is located to the west of central Nanba area.

There are some department stores and a few mass sales stores in this area.
And Namba Parks, an office and shopping complex, is near Nankai Nanba station.
To the east of Nankai Nanba station, there is a street where many kitchenware shops line, and it is called "Sen'nichimae Doguyasuji street".

Underground mall "Nanba Walk" is set up under Sen'nichimae Street, but it is all in Nanba area.

This area is one of the redevelopment zones in Osaka, so the town is still changing.

How to get to here

By subway

  • Nanba (Midosuji, Yotsubashi, Sen'nichimae Lines).

Nankai Nanba station and high-rise hotel Takashimaya Department Store
Midosuji around Nanba Namba Parks
Arcade street in Nanba Comedy theater "Namba Grand Kagetsu"
Sen'nichimae Doguyasuji street Sen'nichimae Doguyasuji street

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